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Musikalitäts-Workshop mit Los Milonguitas

Am Mittwoch, den 5.4.2017 haben wir Los Milonguitas mit einem Musikalitäts-Workshop zu Gast:


Theoretical and Practical workshop given by the musicians of Los Milonguitas

Understand the music is a key to improve the dance. Discover and recognize its
elements help to feel oneself as one more instrument of the orchestra and enjoy
the experience of dancing a tango with his partner to the max.

There are different ways to be musical. The relationship with music could be simple,
for example, following the rhythm, or more complex, following the melody, some
instruments or changing the reference during the same song.
In this Workshop we will get inside the tango universe of music elements that
exist and are easy to appreciate. Without being too technical we will name and
differentiate using famous recordings and live music the moments of a tango song,
its basic elements, structures, motifs and sections that build tango as a language.“
Wir freuen uns sehr, Beginn 19:15 Uhr, Ende 20:45; Ort: Tangostudio im Haus Vierundeinzig;